Dirt Hauling

Your Dirt Hauling Permit and SWPPP (Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan) will most likely require a street sweeper on site for the duration of your dirt haul.

Not having one can subject you to violations and cause problems with your inspector.

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Dirt Haul Sweeping

From Dirt Hauling Permit Application:

“A street sweeper and/or water truck may be required on the job site to mitigate effects of dirt, mud and debris on the roadway.”
-City of Orange
“A minimum of two(2) FULL SIZE broom pick-up sweepers shall be in operation at all times and additional sweepers may be required by Public Works Inspector.  Sweepers must be on the job site Prior to beginning dirt hauling operations. Sweeping MUST continue (1) hour minimum after hauling has stopped for the day.
–City of Buena Park

Don’t wait until the last minute or until you get “caught” by a city inspector.

Order early and get a sweeper that not only shows up, but has all the warning lights and dust control systems needed for this type of work.