How To Order

All hourly sweeping is placed via phone call to our office (714) 637-3180

To ensure accurate scheduling, no ordering, changes or cancellations can be made through our field personnel or equipment operators. Being in the field, they are simply not aware of all the scheduling changes that have taken place.

Besides your normal company information, in order to provide the best service we will need the following information:

  • Day(s) & Time you need the truck.  If you’re flexible on the show-up time, we can save you some money with shorter minimums.
  • Type of work we are cleaning up for?  Dirt haul, pre or post paving, final inspection, model opening, trenching work, track out, etc.
  • Project location with cross streets?  Signs identifying the site and the stage of construction or type of project to help us find you.
  • Water?  (Not necessary for indoor sweepers) We need a legal source of water for dust control.  Either a metered fire hydrant or even a garden hose. (It just takes longer from a garden hose.)
  • Dump Site?  We show up empty and wish to leave empty.  Hauling the debris away is expensive and not always possible.
  • Your paperwork requirements.  We will be happy to utilize job numbers, PO’s, WA’s, FPO’s, special releases etc. etc. etc.  Please remember this is your paperwork.  If you require something, please provide it to us.
  • Set up for a regular service?  Clean job sites look more professional.  Inspectors love the consistency.  Your customers will be impressed.

This may seem like a lot when you have 100 other things to tend to, however, by getting all the details over the phone you are assured of getting the right sweeper type with all the right accessories (blowers, hoses, special connectors, etc.). Most importantly, this makes sure that once we arrive and are working on your dime, we can get to work faster.

Lastly, we only need to get this once on each job. Our computerized job order system will make next time you order fast and efficient.

Call us at (714) 637-3180 to schedule your street sweeper today!